Awoken and integrating 

This year I feel I have started in a state of awakening and integration in my life. If life is like school then I have moved through my asleep state in which I found myself stuck in blame and anger for the situations and challenges I found myself in. I needed, as horrible as it was, to experience, learn and move through it. 

I am now working on me, reflecting on the skills I learnt, rather then the feelings I felt. According to things I have been reading we all move through different states of self discovery and I guess we could call it skilling up. The problem today is we sometimes get so stuck in certain situations or states. We get stuck over analysing a situation, rather then moving through it we get stuck on the how’s, why’s, who’s to blame. We all just need to accept shit happens. It happened in school, it happens in life, and it’s up to you to learn and move onto the next state. Take the lesson and grow from it. 

In the integration state we take the skills and focus on intergrating them into the best version of you. The blame is gone, the future is big and bright. Just don’t forget to enjoy this moment as too much big picture dreaming can have you never satisfied with right now. Right now is a gift, a lesson and a free breath of air in this forever evolving you. 

Today I am wearing an ASOS dress I purchased in my holidays. The weather is a perfect cool and I feel happy about the change in temperature! 



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