Deepest cuts

Vance Joy you are correct when you sing of the deepest cuts being from your first love. They do take the longest time to heal and often lead to a world greater lessons and skills to survive the rest of the loves that are yet to come.

I think first loves teach you a lot of who you are and what you like and don’t like. I know a lot of people who marry their first love, which I think each to their own. However if you have never felt the cut or deepest pain from love then how do you know when it’s right or wrong? 

My first love taught me many things and took me down some interesting paths. Not always the greatest of paths but probably taught me that there is no such thing as perfect and sometimes it’s going to rain. 

I also learnt sometimes people aren’t suppose to get along. You can be the best you and them the best them, however you just don’t get each others world. Also I learnt someone is always more invested in any relationship, and this is fine as over time it will be you and then it will be them. Sometimes your not even in it at all and sometimes it’s at the same time. As long as you move towards something in a similar direction that’s great. 

The skill to loving you is to know when to jump off the boat when your direction is very far from each other. That was when I did incur a huge cut. But I grew from that pain and have a new life.

I think it’s ok to sometimes live in the past if it doesn’t hurt anymore. Somehow, although the scar is always there as a reminder, you forget the hurt, you have to if you want to move on.

I luckily fell into the arms of my husband from my first love. And the life lessons I learnt from the first time have carried me through the good and kept me reasonably skilled for the bad. No one is perfect and that’s all I need to keep moving through this maze.

I am feeling so black and white about work. I have always worn my feelings in my outfit today. There is always a splash of colour in every situation. My entire outfit (dress and shrug) is City Chic and my accessories are Elk and ASOS. 



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