Investing in you

There comes a time where you need to shush the crowd and concentrate on investing in yourself. I am taking that bus this year. 

Excuses as to why you can’t do something or be somewhere are almost a natural instinctual response in most cases. But as well as the crowd you also need to tell those voices (known as your subconscious) to shut the hell up.

I am very good at investing in my wardrobe as heaven forbid I miss a wonderful print, perfect piece of jewellery or an amazing sale that will have me dressed for a season. Now this sounds absolutely ridiculous when I write it down. Where I should be investing time and money in is the body that gets me around.

I have been consciously making an effort to get back on the track of good health both body and mind. I have been working hard on my mind as without that in the right place the body doesn’t listen or even work properly. My advise to anyone tossing up whether they face the storm alone or reach out for help- get the help! It will save wrinkles and sleepless nights. 

Now the mind is such a powerful thing, get it right and the world is your oyster, sky’s the limit and the rest. Get it wrong and the nasties move in and take up space wrecking your whole being. Do what works for you to invest in your well being, because if your not a well being your certainly not going to be a well body!

This week I’m going for walks just before sunset. There is nothing more beautiful then watching the sun go down. It’s proof people can rise and fall every single day. The energy I get from the sun helps me rise to a job I don’t love to live a life I wouldn’t change.

If counselling, chatting with a friend, meditating or doing yoga doesn’t quite a busy mind can I suggest putting some of your favourite music on? Music lives in another part of the brain, as does your singing voice. Just being in another space can be enough to put you back on the investing in you track!

Today I am in a Jacqui E skirt, city choctops shirt and Modcloth jewels. Red is my power colour but today I use it to motivate me to go to work and do my best. 



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