My obligations drive me

I am a self confessed “self help” book reader (yes real books from a library, not some computer screen with words). Having read a book about living and working a lifestyle you love I realised its not always that easy.

We may be the luckier generation who have bigger houses, flasher life styles and every material thing one could ask for but we are mostly all swimming in debt! If your like me you day dream about a part time job, living somewhere much quieter, or at least enjoying the “things” I’m paying off. But in reality I’m working a job to pay for the things I have. I spend less time in the thing I slave day in and out for. Sure I have access to new clothes weekly but I feel I buy these to reward myself for constantly going back to something 5 days a week I barely enjoy at all.

To live the life I love would look extremely different, however I am married and in a marriage you can’t just live your dream. You have to live somewhere in between. Two people will never want exactly what the partner wants. And this is ok, it’s all about living as harmonious as you can (without killing each other). 

Also sometimes dreams look very different and bit distorted. My dream house is small on a little land, lots of pets, couple of kids, family car (not even flashy), me getting about in fancy gumboots and a big rose garden. However I am no green thumb so my roses would die. And my hubby might not think so fondly on a farm life. Anyway dreams are what drives us and they can look however we like as they are ours. Don’t let anyone try and kill your dream, they may never come to be, but w creative mind is a happy one!

Today my house hadn’t cooled down from the hot night and my hair wasn’t playing ball. So I threw myself together with paying my bills and lifestyle in mind. My dress is an ASOS one and it looked better in my dreams but that’s ok!  



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