Girls really need their girls

Throughout my time off writing I rediscovered how vital a woman’s friends can be, in particular girlfriends. As much as I make a partner in a man I know I always need the company of women. For me my girl pals let me talk until I was blue in the face or drink until I was sooky. Men just get on with it, with as little chatter about one subject (apart from sport of course).

Maybe there is some learnings from a man, talk about it and then move on. Women like to talk it through and through and through. Sometimes we chew it over so much that it’s unrecognisable but I do believe that’s why men and women need each other to a certain degree. 

Personally I need the girls but I also need the man to say “enough talk of the past!” Otherwise my record may get stuck on repeat.

I also love getting together with my girls and realising we are not just experiencing similar things in our own relationships but losing sleep about the same things.

Now all my girlfriends don’t fit in the same box. In fact I call on them for totally different reasons at times. I can almost predict their responses to certain topics which makes me in tune but also makes me laugh. Everyone has one of these people in their group:

1. The fixer- your always right and need nurturing and pampering

2. The gossip queen who is very respectful and tasteful getting the latest gossip. Now this friend is great but you sometimes need not to fall into the kindness trap as you may spill the beans on something you don’t need the world to know.

3. The soul mate- this friend is almost floating on the same cloud as you. They know themselves and you very well. Your time together is refreshing and comfortable.

4. The complain queen- I call upon this person when I want my problems to seem so small. This person is always struggling with something. It could be unknown illnesses, work woes and relationship issues. I love to listen too!

No matter the friend they all make one whole. They all have good points. And there is always the one you can eat cake with and not feel guilty with. I forgot sporty spice but she is in my life too. I call upon her when I need some motivation.

Today I’m wearing another City Chic dress, an Australian plus size shop starting at size 14 (since when did size 14 become plus size?!) Anyway their quality is fantastic and their sales are amazing. Oh yes I forgot about the friend you turn to who is around your size to get fashion advice from. Everyone needs variety in their life and wardrobe haha!

What personalities make up your friendship groups? 



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