Same kind of crazy!


I thought I would pop back in as I take this road of self discovery. 2015 taught me so much about myself and the skills I have in loyalty, resilience, and how hard I am willing to go to make it work. Whoever says I’m not trying or giving it my all doesn’t know me at all.

In my time off, so to speak I have some thought to things that truly matter between two people in a committed relationship. People have very different ideas about what they believe matters to keep two people together. I believe one of those things is the right amount of craziness.

Having someone that is crazy can be difficult to manage if your not joining them. Now I have always loved a little sprinkle of silliness in anything I am part of. Finding a partner in crime to laugh together and at each other together really is in the great recipe of happiness. 

Being able to laugh at the craziness we add to the relationship, no matter how big or small makes the connection grow. As they say, if you can’t beat Em join em! I am joining my husband in his craziness and not do we laugh at each other.

Mistakes happen, people grow. But if you can’t be silly with your partner, ask yourself can I possibly spend the rest of my life without my silly self? 

While reflecting on my year I learnt everyone in my circles are crazy. The things that make them crazy are the reasons I love them and why we remain friends. While I’m not sure every single one of them would happily dress loud and then throw on a pair of crazy glasses with me they would have been pieces of my puzzle where something crazy happened one night out, day together and such forth.

So love the one your with and rather then being embarrassed by what they do, join them. Feel the lightness and laughter that follows. 

The photos I share show me crazy and free xox 



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