Time for a me break

hello blogging world. After a year of many challenges I am so tired and exhausted from living in my “instinct” brain and in “survival” mode I am taking some time out from writing (not sure how long). I need to recharge and find the me inside me I enjoyed being around.

I hope in my journey I am not seen as selfish, it’s something I need to do for the better me.

Last week I stood on the edge of my own worlds stage and didn’t even recognise who I have become. Whilst I have learnt new skills how I am feeling is not the me I admire. 

I will be on a road of self discovery and self help. I am going it alone although will be surrounded by friends and family for some back ground noise.

Life surprises you at times. It’s up to you to jump off the beaten track if the track is constantly beating you down.

I look forward to brighter days people.

Love you all & thank you for continuing to read along with Rosie. 




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