Much much more

Good morning (evening or afternoon)! Today I feel the pull of the week end and my bed calling me back. It was a loud night living amongst the gum trees last night. Just like the ocean makes a racket on a stormy night so does the bush and trees. Usually I can sleep through this but last night the possums were dancing in the rain! Oh well fun for some. 

My focus is on this quote below:

“You are so much more than your setbacks.”

If we were judged by the worst thing we did, said or thought we would all be as bad as each other. Judging yourself and someone else for something that blocked their path to rainbows and pots of gold then we would start a war. I think we also judge ourselves the hardest and generally don’t need that audience throwing in their two bobs worth.

I believe a set back is a task in the road to where ever it is you are meant to be. You are much much more then one action or bad habit. People grow and change and I truly believe if a person sees their wrong or sees room for improvement they will. Sometimes thoughts and feelings hold someone back. I have watched people who mean the world to someone close to me assist to crumble them down. Cut the ties I shout, you are much much more and have so much life to live and better yourself.

What is it that holds us back from truly dreaming and piecing together a future that is yours. When you are born, it’s a blank piece of paper. A journey so inividual that it has never happened exactly the same for anyone else. No one feels, smells, tastes just the same as you do. Be more, not less. And don’t be judged by one or two events, they don’t define you, they build you. 

Today I’m going back to black. It looks professional and it makes my red glasses pop. This is an old princess highway dress. I bought it the year I bought my house and wore it out to dinner with my in laws. It was a fun filled night, memories of better times I will treasure. That time was good, but now I move forward as I’m much much more xox 



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