Small town girl, big dreams

Having watched an interview with Adele last night and learning about her small town upbringing and her big dream I am inspired to get my dreams out and fine tuning them. She and Kate Winslow would be my idols when it comes to figures and ways to dress. They always look amazing in their beautiful classic outfits and their curves are always beautifully shown. 

These two women are my reason to avoid things like “soup diets” or why I will never call a “shake” a meal. Just like relationships not fitting into the one shoe, neither does every figure created. 

Towards the end of last week my year of sculling water came to a bit of a head for me. I felt a huge sense of exhaustion and struggled to leave the house. My biggest blocker was not being good enough. Having talked myself down off the ledge I don’t know why I always beat up on myself. I have things that money can never buy- great friends. The aim of this coming week is to try and walk as tall as I did before major events tried to mould me into something I never wanted to be.

Inspired by a small town girl I’m going to have big city dreams and I will achieve them as I am a strong women on a mission! Those who don’t follow can fall or you can just walk away. 

Today I am wearing an old dress I wore years ago to a Mother’s Day lunch. I got these cute earrings made by Shagpile yesterday and had to find something fitting to wear them with. Turn up like the winner today and good things will hopefully follow.



2 thoughts on “Small town girl, big dreams

  1. I’m into showing my curves too these days, & on Friday night I went out all in knitwear (it’s form fitting, it’s comfortable, and with a little color-blocking, it’s easy to look like I spent forever putting an outfit together when really I just threw it on)

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