Planting the seed

I do believe if you plant an idea out in the universe and constantly review and revisit it you will make small steps towards it. Now I’m talking about the seed of change. Something you really want to do or achieve or be. The decisions that can’t be made at the shops but changes to pave your life and bring about change.

My seed is not clear. I dream of living closer to the ocean but I also love country life. Having grown up in a small rural town I do want to move to a smaller town at some stage of my life. Whether that be now or in 10-15 years I don’t know. I also spent time by the sea, two places that I left sprinkles of my heart at many years ago. 

I am lucky to have things that a lot of people my age don’t necessarily have and I can sit with that each night watching the sun go down. My fathers hard work and years of living safely lead to my beautiful home alone the “city fringe”. I am a long way from city lights, in fact I am surrounded by trees, birds and fresh air but still close enough to neighbours, shops and cafes. 

I remember thinking many years before I bought my house that I wanted to be surrounded by trees, but close enough to cafes I can explore, shops I can browse and a step closer to family. I am living this in my current home, maybe not as close to the family I consider my rock but close enough to the train to get me where I need to be.

I planted a new seed, I don’t know when it will mature and I actually can’t see it even coming to play for many years but I will water the idea from time to time. I will research it, day dream about it and when I am living it I will feel achievement and content. I will also soak up the time I am living in, as I am living the Australian dream.

I urge you to sit down for a moment with a cuppa in hand and plant a seed. Maybe it will grow, maybe it won’t. But I really believe you will enjoy the day dreaming and beautiful space it makes in your heart. I guess all seeds don’t grow and that’s ok. Everyone needs a dream.

Today’s outfit is a something new and old and handed down. My cardigan is my sisters, beads are old and my dress is a new one made by Lindy Bop! This dress is really well made and so happy. Hopefully only good will occur today.  



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