Fetilise it and it will grow!

Now I’m no green thumb. In fact I have had more deaths in my garden then I have experienced in my own life. I just don’t have the gift and clearly I am an over waterer from the state of my drowning plants.

When I talk about fertiliser I’m talking about the things that happen to make you grow. I was texting my gorgeous Mother who was saying I was blooming. It got me thinking that maybe people are just like plants and beautiful gems. Maybe with the right amount of shit (pardon the pun & language) we too will grow into a beautiful bloom. People have a choice, to grow from the shit people put on them or rot and die (like my plant). Bad situations build character and charm. Let’s be totally honest we would never sit down and read a book or watch about someone who was happy all the time! 

If we live thinking the whole world is so happy all the time and there is something wrong with your own no wonder you feel bad. No one got happy without challenges or the right amount of shit! Life is more like a roller coaster- sometimes your high and sometimes your low. It’s how you grow and bloom from those lows that beams happiness and more to the point confidence in ones self.

I’ve stopped letting certain people hurt me anymore. I’ve actually grown and flourished from the judgement and drama they caused. I’m now so much more confident and the love I have in my heart will build kingdoms one day.

So take that shit in your life and grow from it. You will come out blooming like an exotic flower!

Today I am in one of my favourite shades! This dress is new and I got it on Ozsale for a bargain (maybe $30). It’s going to warm up today so it’s light and feels like it will breath. 

Oh yes I have included a picture of my hubby who is doing Moevember. He is raising money and awareness for men’s health. He is somewhere between Italian and Mexican at the moment with the moe! 



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