Back to black

Feeling fresh dying my hair back black. I forgot how healthy, shiny and fuss free black was! 

Having spent a week end with some amazingly uplifting friends I feel I am on the right journey. I have made good choices and my character judgement is spot on! For most of my life I wonder where my head was making certain decisions but when God gave out friends I was in line and 120% there. I have some of the best friends one could ever wish or dream for.

You know you have spot on friends when you explain your current state of affairs and they don’t judge but reveal they too have been on similar journeys. We don’t dwell on things that weigh us down, but a problem shared certainly is halved! 

Lots of topics where discussed over the week end, which will make for great blog posts later in this week. 

I would love to say I am feeling full of beans for the day,but why lie to you and myself? I’m tired and sleeping badly. It was a big week last week that’s taking a lot of emotional energy to swallow. This years challenge is going to push me right to christmas as much as I wish to wash it away, sometimes you just have to sit with it.

Today I am wearing one very very old Glassons dress. It has been in my wardrobe for over 5 years. It still has lots of life. I have new wedges on from Autograph so feel new to a certain degree.

I hope it’s sunny where you are! I will be focusing my day on small glimmers of beauty xx 



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