Country girls vs city girls

Now I was born and bred a country girl. Being close to green me fresh air has always been something I wanted to aim for when I “grew up”. While I don’t live in the middle of nowhere I do in fact live amongst the gumtrees (and wineries). I enjoy sunshine coming through my window in the morning and waking to the sound of birds tweeting. I am not living in a small town by any means but I am taken back to my home town from time to time and memories (good and bad) come flooding back. 

This country (or small town as it was) escaped the green for an injection of concrete,fast cars and convenience.  I lived and loved the city, in fact one day when family has come and grown I want to move back. In a sense I am a mix between who I was and who I became in my 20’s. A nice blend.

Having experienced a good friends hens in true country style I got thinking about the difference between country and city folk. I feel like the country friendships I made are more like family and may as well be distant family. My city friendships, while a few have stayed (probably because they were originally from the country too) are a bit easy come, easy go. Family is a bit of hit or miss for them, they are a little more care free. Country girls know how to throw a party and have you doing things that stretch you to your extreme limits. Nights that leave you with a smile on your face and the worst hangover you have every experienced. City parties are fun too but much more conservative and you have a certain face to keep. You would never be able to get a free flowing conversation with a city folk without a lot of alcohol as their cards are much closer to their chests. I love my friends as equally so I never like a certain location better. I just will never lose the country girl completely as she is fun, funny and care free. She doesn’t mind picking up the phone to have a drunk convo with an old neighbour or singing with the band. She isn’t anxious like the city me. I hope to balance my two lives and meet the happy me in the middle.

Today I am wearing a Modcloth combo. The bipolar Melbourne weather is on a high today, so legs out for the world! Happy Monday, I hope it’s wild like a country girl xx 



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