The Friday frizz

We are experiencing that weather that your hair goes from straight to instant fizz in one step into the real world. I was perfectly equip with my hair tied back yesterday but dragging myself out of bed today I was in auto pilot. I am not organised or motivated today so hopefully my day goes smoothly and I can just quietly do my work.

This week I have felt myself and my world halt to a fork in the road. To continue on the path of least resistance (staying the same) or to plant a seed of change. Now my dreams have me working a less demanding job, walking beach side with a wee dog. When I see this me I barely recognise myself as I’m free and really relaxed. This is the seed I plant and maybe in time I will go on the journey to live remotely.

In the fork in my road I sit wondering what my next career will look like, wiill my marriage turn a corner and become easier? I do believe everything I have was once something I wanted. However my new chapter is coming and I’m wondering what I need to get rid of to step closer to my dream. 

Today I wear an ASOS dress and sleeveless coat. My hair is done but humid Melbourne weather and due to get more frizzy! Happy Friday readers xx 



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