Minus the technology 

Sorry about the distance, I’ve been attempting to live a little simpler without so much technology contact. Like a friend that becomes bad for ones spirit I find that bring splattered all over social media was probably adding to my stress and anxiety. 

You see the best of people on media such as facebook, Instagram to mention a few. Makes you almost feel as if something is wrong with how your living. Guess what? Without nearly a week off social media I felt the fences coming down and feeling a lot more settled in being me. I didn’t feel the constant chatter of trying to be this or that. I think these detoxes are good for the soul. 

I even found myself looking around my morning train and smiling at commuters which really made me way more happier then staring at my phone. We are prisons to our phones. Put them down and look around, you may notice every second person looking at their phone but you also may find a kind smile.

I am wearing an ASOS Curve dress, can I tell you this is the wrong shape for my figure. But I am wearing it because I can’t be bothered getting over heated in the morning now I am onto breakfast smoothies. A girl has to cut back on the carbs and doesn’t have time for a dress change.  



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