So if worry really does revolve around our fears I am not yet fearless. Maybe rather then happy I would rather be fearless. Because I would much rather not have the worry and fear that makes my house creak and wake me up from a deep sleep, or the panic of whether I paid that bill or wrote that email. What is happiness when you could live fearless anyway?

This week I have moved closer to being fearless. I’m known at work as a straight shooter, calling it for what it is. People are great story tellers and secret keepers and I may like to point out the obvious. Nothing wrong with obvious, especially if it assists me to understand ridiculous concepts!

Being kind to yourself and acceptance assisted me this week to be a little less of a worry wart. Finding what it was I liked about the me before the storm has grounded me and has had me much easier to live with.

Accepting that sometimes things are out of your control and that you may have to ride the wave of uncertainty for a while. I am not going to fear it, I’m just going to bob along. There is nothing wrong with going with the flow. On days I feel most like that I wear black or darker clothes, because let’s be honest I am way too colourful most of the time!

Happy fearless Friday people. Today my dress is at least 4 years old and I think it’s Ladakh. I remember when I bought it, I was on holidays in Adelaide and it was with a voucher my Father bought me. His last Christmas gift to me.



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