Cocktails on a work night…

As I commute to work I would rather be laying in bed with a cuppa. Who thought cocktails on a work night were a good idea? Add less than my usual quota of sleeping hours and I am one very tired 30 something!

The tired eyes are worth a thousand laughs though. I had the pleasure of being in the presence of one of those friends who is uplifting, enlightening and a spirit that calms this crazy world. She also brings the inner child out in me and I feel no need to be anyone but who I am. We ate and drank and laughed so hard. What an injection of great energy she added to my week. 

Some people make you question your choices, some people support whatever you chose. Being lucky enough to have a friend like that is a god send, especially in regards to the challenges I have faced this year. That hand that pats you on your back is exactly what the world need more of. Just because a decision isn’t someone else’s choice doesnt make it wrong for someone else.

Today as I am one tired being I am in a Helsinki dress which would be about 7 years old. I have given up my dress a day today as I’m pretty sure I’ve worn this. I like it and it’s funky professional and that’s what I need with a Friday meeting!



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