The essence of who I am

Ny outfit today is nothing to report on so I’m reflecting on the pictures I took of my friends, husband and family over the week end.

It’s when I look back on the week end that was that I feel and know I’m one blessed individual. I have been given a big heart and I plan on filling it with as many friends this life can give. I’m just lucky to call my sister and Mum my best friends and definitely people who will always be welcome at my table.

Sun should not set on a fight, just as a loved one should be told each and every moment possible that you love them. 

I feel like as a teen the cards of life are thrown up in the air and as you enter adulthood they land exactly where they are suppose to. Each challenge is a card that has fallen just for you. A chapter is only one adventure or challenge. A new card is coming for me and my hubby. But until then I will smile with my friends who are as beautiful in photos as they are in real life.




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