Pilar of health 

Spending all of last week sick with different things this week as I slowly recover I am aiming for pilar of health. When your well you take it for granted. When your happy you take stress and struggles for granted. When you want something you take just being for granted. Everything is so easy come and go we forget to just be!

I am also not going to wait for the next 5 kilos to come off to wear this outfit. As what I see when I look at me, is not what you see when you look at me.

I’m taking away the why someone looks good and just complimenting them on looking good- just because. Someone should not be told they look good because they lost weight. Since when has weight determined beauty? Never and so it goes. Health does not have a general number, it’s how you look and how you feel inside. 

Negativity is a worse state of a human mind then looking good because you fit into the mould society at the time put you in. Times change as does the perfect “body shape”. So unless the dress or outfit doesn’t fit, wear it now and wear it proudly.

Now I will remove myself from my high horse and go back to work!

Today I’m in all ASOS clothes. My shoes are treasures from a shop near my house and my necklace is elk. My lipstick is a cheapy from Sportsgirl. 



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