They were hard but it was real!

Keeping on with my reminiscing about my childhood I may as well come to my next thought with you all. I was the kid with the report that read “has potential but is easily distracted”. Even back then a distraction didn’t necessarily mean keeping up with the class work or school room gossip but staring out into the clouds. I was a born dreamer.

But I still attempted my homework (and did my chores to about 50% capacity). I can remember constantly thinking how on earth is this maths going to help me in the real world. And that’s where my interest ended. But when I got bad marks on a test, project or on a school report it was not met with a hug and a conversation about how the teacher got it wrong. The teachers back in my days were right! You didn’t have parents ringing up blaming the teacher for bad marks, it was not the teacher who got a talking to, it was the child! Sure I cried, argued and felt miserable at times because I wanted to do well, but only being 50% present (and having the best dam doodles in my work book) ment the teacher was spot on with easily distracted.

I feel I am a little different from the people who think they can only produce perfect children. I believe that I was naughty and I could put money on that my husband was a spoilt little boy (and a naughty boy). so we are bound to produce children who try push the boundaries. And they will need putting in their place. Rules and boundaries are just like the law, they are needed for a bit of organisation in the world.

My point is people need to know when they need to try harder or if something they are doing isn’t acceptable. As children we were celebrated when we did well and spoken to when we stuffed up. This is not torture, it’s life! Absolutely let the children play,!

I am not snapping too many pictures of this outfit as it’s been worn before, I just added a new necklace. It’s such a lovely morning I don’t need a coat and this makes me feel happy. Enjoy this sunny snap Melbourne! 



One thought on “They were hard but it was real!

  1. I got pretty good reports up until I was ten years old, reports that said I was behaving myself and doing my homework. The summer I turned ten, my maternal grandfather raped me…I didn’t tell anyone, but my reports, changed. Teachers started telling my parents I didn’t get along with the boys in my class (and in 5th grade, one of them slapped me because I threatened to cut off his balls when he grabbed my developing breast). The reports of me not playing well with others continued all through high school and would’ve continued through college except in college I was an adult and nobody reports to an adult’s parents.

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