When I was a kid

I am stuck on this post of then and now with the kids of today, being parented by grown ups from my generation. 

I remember one of my parties as a 6 year old. The years before I’m not sure what occurred, maybe cake, a bbq with my folks or the kids of my parents friends. There was lucky to be a Macca’s party, jumping castles were for the show and face painting, if done was by one of the “grown up kids”. We didn’t have to hire event planners, our gifts were simple and we loved pass the parcel as we wanted that middle prize. We knew there was a winner and a loser and we are fine.

People need boundaries and limits. Otherwise we verge on being crazy as we don’t know where the line is. As humans we are always trying to toe the line, even dream of crossing the line but we grew up where consequences were a natural thing. There were no participation awards- it was first, second and third. If you didn’t get any of th you try harder or something else!

Today I’m in a Ladakh dress and new look sleeveless blazer. My hubby bought this dress for me years ago when we first started seeing each other. I was flattered, I never expect presents and I am happier these days with a plant for my little garden.  



3 thoughts on “When I was a kid

  1. When I was a kid we didn’t have event planners for kids’ parties, we didn’t have entertainment at kids’ parties. As a kid, I would have one birthday party per year. My niece turned 4 this weekend & had a class party in her preschool classroom Friday, for which my sister baked cupcakes; then she had the family party Saturday, which my sister catered; then a kiddie party Sunday at a gymnasium (my niece is into gymnastics), which my sister also catered.

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