Games in the dark

i was born part of the generation whose parents worked hard and our “play dates” were nights playing games with our parents friends kids. Our parents deserved time to kick up their heels, have a drink and laugh with their friends. Because in those days parents didn’t run their life around their kids. 

The kids we played with have become adult friends are the who are part of the fabric of who I am today.

Things have changed for this generation of kids whose parents spend their spare time running around for their kids. Play date drop off’s, supervised play times, sports drop off, swimming lessons, music lessons, tutors and the list goes on. Kids are being grain fed and parents are exhausted by the prisons they put themselves in. These children expect things, things as I was a kid was a treat not an expectation. 

My favourite toys came from the op shop and while I day dreamed about the toys I wanted I knew back then that required hard work. Mowing lawns, preparing dinner,cleaning and looking after the family pet. Nothing was free and as an adult these values carry me. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean you should have it without hard work.

Just like people who “want” a relationship, “want” a house, “want” to lose weight, “want” to travel. All of those wants are hard work,sometimes sleepless nights. 

The song “you can’t always get what you want” needs to be the song in parents of today’s head when they are raising their children. Children do not become bad people from having to work for something or not always getting what they want or even having to play with the friends of your friends kids. They will learn valuable lessons about how hard their parents work to give them time to be a kid.

My favourite game was murder in the dark. It was such a fun game and I still remember the adrenaline I got from finding the most creative hiding spot! I also remember great nights singing with my relaxed parents and their friends. No music for us kids was ever on the record player, and guess what we survived and I’d like to think we are good people.

Today I’m in some cheap dress I got years ago and a princess highway cardigan. This necklace is a treasure I found in my bed side table. It is not part of any great memory but looks pretty!  



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