Freezing in spring!

Now it’s been a very chilly start to spring in Melbourne (the most liveable city in the world)! The weather just won’t get it together for any longer then 1 day.

It could be worse and I believe that for every bad day I have (weather or work wise) it could be worse.

When my hubby lost his job briefly I got to sit in the waiting room of a welfare office. This made me realise just how bad it can get and that we were not as deserving as some poor buggers. As I say again and again we are part of the lucky ones! 

Sometimes it takes a moment to reflect on your lot in life to realise the grass is pretty green on the other side, but your side ain’t so bad!

While I wait for a nice spring day I wear a winter knitted Voodoo Vixen dress. It’s snug and just what I need for a visit to a rural city which is always so bloody cold.  



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