What do I want to be better at?

I am challenging myself to look at my own less desirable habits and traits and thinking if not that then what? 

I left my husband with a burning question, I don’t even expect the answer to. The question was “what do you want to be known for or as?” 

I want to be known for always trying and nev r giving up despite the change or challenge. If I believe in something or someone I won’t let it go. 

I would also like to be a bit more like the older generation and stick it out, as I do believe this is my lot in life. While I am welcoming of change I can be the only one to change. 

Of course I want to be the happy go lucky person but life has changed me. I know everyday is not rainbows and fairies and realise the storm comes and goes. It’s how you weather it that matters in the end.

Today I am wearing an old ASOS dress with a Sadie blazer. I am starting to get anxiety about what to wear as I am coming to a point in my yearly challenge where I can’t remember what I have worn or am really wanting to rework a dress I have already worn! But I will hold on for another month or so!  



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