Might be on The Team

Ever woke up wondering your doing what your doing, even why you keep getting drawn back to the same job, people and place? Yeah me too. Sometimes I sit wondering (like a daydreamer) what is my real purpose? If I am not living the dream with a job doing good for those who have disabilities then what am I supposed to be doing?

I know I want to help people and connect with people. I tried styling, but that’s not it for me. It’s just another reason for me to feed my addiction to clothes and shoes. Don’t get me wrong I love righting people’s fashion foes and love making a person feel comfortable in the skin they are in but it’s not it for me. Sure you can change how someone looks and sees the world but changing attitude cannot be changed in simply changing an outfit! 

I remember when I started high school I was drawn to this girl, she felt like my sister. We were sure in a previous life we were united in some way. The story doesn’t go to say we stayed close, because in high school I floated around friends as I never liked who I was around certain people. I liked who I was around this girl and we could just be who we are, however we didn’t connect properly until after school. We are still great friends and she is the only person in my world I feel recharged with. 

Now this last statement is a big one as while I am very social, people drain my energy. This one girl makes me feel lighter and happier. Now we are both huge dreamers, and talk weekly of stressors and dramas but have an ability together to release the feelings we bottle up. 

So when I read about The Team as its described, of people looking for a deeper level of human healing my mind shifted to her and I. Maybe we aren’t here to have regular jobs walking roads the people before us walked. If we can heal each other through walking and talking could we in fact find more people in the team who could join us? We are the believers of higher powers, natural healing and syncing both body and mind.  I am positive that time will move me in the direction I need to go. Right now I can write as a hobby and work every day for the greater good.

Today I’m test driving a Boohoo dress. I have never bought anything from Boohoo but loved their sale so jumped on board. To say I’m pleasantly surprised is an understatement. I have teamed it with a Portmans blazer and Modcloth necklace. 



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