It’s the gift

Now before you think I’m talking presents, I’m not. I’m talking about the gift we are given everyday we wake up and take those few morning breaths in. Life is truly a gift. Sometimes getting so bogged down in the dramas of life we take it for granted.

I think social media pulls you back into line about loving the gift your given. Whether it’s seeing a post of a new baby or seeing a post about the death of a very young person. They are the reality that this is a gift we are living proof that we are supposed to be here! 

There is struggles in life or even in ones day but someone is in much worse struggles. They may be taking their last painful breath or battling with keeping their very precious gift of life.

Today I am wearing an old ASOS dress. This dress has had a colourful life. I wore it on an epic night out for my 29th birthday and I was wearing this the night my husband proposed to me. You could say it’s got some good luck and memories attached. For that reason it may never leave my wardrobe! 



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