Aiming for the interesting

Yesterday I was part of a very boring “planning” day at work. While I used most of the day to doodle pictures of animals that I related my team mates to at the time. Nothing negative, just how I get by. People are more relatable when they are mere animals in my world. 

I did learn something I am going to try and be when change moves into my world. According to the clip we watched when you are faced with a change, whether it be in work, a relationship or I guess in some instances within yourself or body, we tend to think in the space of “good” or “bad”. When really we are missing the in between space which is “interesting” or miss the possibilities because we have the negative or positive reaction. The reasons for not wanting to change is a lot to do with how we see a change effecting is. Whether it be- but it’s been done like this forever to the why change something if it works. Just because something is working doesn’t mean it’s working effectively or the best it could possibly be.

So now as I walk forward I am going to think of a concept as interesting, rather then jumping to good or bad response. To not give something a go or chance is a outcome you will never experience in the good or bad. Who knows what I have been missing with my blinkers on.

We force our beliefs of good and bad experiences onto children. They are born with the wonder and are open to possibilities and the why’s, how’s and ore we teach out of them.

I have a big week of travelling for work. And rather than sighing at all that time on the road I’m going to think of it as the start of new possibilities and see it as making my job more interesting.

Today I am wearing a brand new ASOS dress and I think it’s a vest but for some reason duster coat is coming to mind (I think that’s what the young and youthful call it). I try not to take myself too serious on a day full of back to back meetings! All the adventures that lay ahead!



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