The cure is you! 

I read an article about self curing depression written by a doctor with 40 years experience in the space of clinical depression. The number 1 thing I took from that article was that it can be cured by natural ways. I am always up for an alternative.

We are talking about situational depression. Now I am no stranger to situations that can cause a depressive state. Anyone that lives and breaths long enough on this earth will come across situations that make you feel bad, sad and a little broken. But step one in making that feeling move on is to feel it first. 

We are in a society where we don’t like to look physically sad. We would pop a pill to take away a feeling. I am of the belief if you don’t feel that feeling and mask it with a pill it will build up and make its way out somehow. Maybe that be through physical pain or later manifesting into a more serious disease. Because I know when I’m down my physical health goes down the drain. I will pick up a cold, stomach bug and so forth. I tend to think if I was in the best mind set ever I may avoid such illnesses. 

Does your emotions really impact your physical health? I know digestion also plays a big part when your down. While your body craves “comfort” food, it struggles to always digest it. 

Anyway I am embarking on a new chapter of positive thinking and being. For not only a happier head but happier physical health.

This is my outfit from work yesterday. It was much shorter then I remember. I got it in Singapore from New Look. It was the perfect summer dress!  



2 thoughts on “The cure is you! 

  1. Depression can be cured in natural ways. Of course, as I told myself many a time, fermentation IS a natural process, and so every time I self-medicated with alcohol for my depression I could bullshit myself into thinking I was taking a “natural” remedy. But the truth is, if you are depressed, whether it be situational depression, clinical depression, or major depression, the first thing you should do about and/or for it is to STOP drinking, as drinking will only make it worse. As for one’s digestion and depression, I don’t know…I mean, I have acid reflux, but, I drank for years, I still smoke cigarettes and drink black coffee, so whether I be depressed or no, i have to admit that I have physically done a number (and continue to) on my insides. I will admit that when I “eat my feelings” I end up as big as a house, and that’s not a good look on me, so I have to work more on opening up about things, even when I don’t particularly want to.

    • Everyone has a habit they turn to in times of stress. For me I buy clothes, shoes and things to fill the hole. My husband gambles. Its about trying to balance the habits that inhibit us when we are feeling bad and making them manageable.
      I do not think I am 100% right and for some people they may need medication, I am just saying feeling bad and sad should be felt and let go of. Its when it isn’t released it comes back in bad health.

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