Some things are done better together

Having embarked on a stepathon with some work mates I asked my hubby to join me. While I am a firm believer that some things in life are better done alone, exercise is not necessary one of them! 

Last night it took me a very long time to get home and I started to get the anxiety I inflict on myself when I feel I should be exercising not sitting on the couch or spending time with my hubby. Two things I need to iron out of my life but this is a journey and I will get there!

So we went for a stroll after dinner (in the freezing cold as it’s still chilly cold at night). I love walking with another person and love walking with a purpose! It’s so great for your mind, body and is the time where I talk the most. Thinking back this is when I spoke the most at school, in my walk home with whom ever it was I walked with. There is something that opens the communication channel with me and I am open and happy to chat about everything. I came home from my short walk happier and slept more sounder. Walking together somehow bonds me to whoever I’m talking to. 

I go on a weekly walk with one of my closest friends. We always opt to walk on tracks around or near water as water has a healing and calming ability. For me just watching water flow releases stresses, anxiety and balances my sometime crazy mind.

Getting back to doing things in pairs I think this is a real animal instinct we have in our hard wire. Just being around people when you feel crappy can improve a mood. 

Today in true animal (maybe a splash of safari) I am in an old ASOS dress and New Look shirt with some beads I got for $2! Staying true to my lipstick obsession I have a Sportsgirl lippie on, I love the cheap cost of Sportsgirl lipstick and it’s always great bright colours.  



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