Throwing it all together

Sometimes my outfits come together as thought disordered as my head at times. I put this outfit together sinply by grabbing pieces that come from a similar palette of colour. Not sure if I planned it well but I’m on the early train and there ain’t no turning back.

I had an evening unlike any I have ever experienced. Ever thought you had the strangest family? But then you get a glimpse into someone else’s and think “mine ain’t bad”, in fact I would rather my drama than yours! While I know you can’t chose your family, both blood related or what you marry into, I wouldn’t change my blood relatives for a minute. 

Giving your child every single thing it wants or desires is not building a great future for it. I won’t say it again. Children who have to make do with a box full of second hand toys and a big back yard to play in is the children I strive to bring into this world one day. 

As I write a tear escapes as people are blessed with children. They grow into adults who may or may not achieve or do as you hoped. But surely you love unconditionally. Walking away from a blessing is a terrible thing to do. For I think of the people who desperately wanted a child and never got that. I’m sure they would fight the storm of bad behaviours for that one blessing.

Today my mismatched outfit is ASOS, princess highway and Sportsgirl. Not my finest work but I’m not having my finest moment in my thought processing. At least I am dressed and on my way to work. 



3 thoughts on “Throwing it all together

  1. Hi Rosie,
    Life has many lessons to learn and many of them hurt and are unexplainable. I have had experiences like this one, but least you have the support from your husband. As time passes you will heal, but always think that things we go through should make us grow in strange ways.
    Always with you, Mumxxx

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