Me and my love affair with lipstick

On the week end a friend of a friend asked me how I could get away with wearing lipstick any given day. Stumped by this question in my reply I said because I can and I lie to. Then. she asked how do I know what colours to wear and what brand. Now much like the clothes I wear I’m not a huge name dropper when it comes to brands. I figure if something feels good and is a lovely colour on my skin I will wear it. For me I’m not here to please the crowd, I’m here to feel good being me.

Now the concept of only wearing the good things on special occasions doesn’t necessarily stick for me. Having lost a friend the year after high school in a car accident I remember one thing from her funeral. Don’t wait until tomorrow to wear that new thing or “good thing” as you never know when your number will be called to those golden gates called heaven. So I wear red lipstick to work, brunch and sometimes around the house, I even wore red lipstick to my wedding. I love it and if I were to be hit by that bus I darn well hope I have my lipstick freshly applied and one of my best dresses on! And again that is for no one but my vain self!

Today I am wearing an old ASOS dress and pleather bomber jacket. I feel very lucky to have a wardrobe (or 3) full of clothes I can rotate around. I also keep a draw full of lipsticks. This lipstick is Mac and I got it on my honeymoon. It’s not very bright for me but I think it goes well with this frock I am wearing.

Happy hump day people. Soon you will feel the roll to the week end start. This is a sign you have made it through another week! 



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