Monday is calling Friday back!

Gosh the week end goes far too fast. Doesn’t matter if you are super busy or having a quite week end (like I did), time off work flies past. I wish the Monday ticking clock was as fast as my week end. I wonder if people who truly live to go to work actually feel like their day goes fast(as they love what they do). 

I was thinking yesterday afternoon how fortunate we are in this generation to be able to talk about issues such as our mental health in a friendship circle. In years gone by mental health or even relationship issues were a taboo subject. They remain taboo in some culture groups but I’m happy to say I am not stuck in such a culture. 

I found a friend talking about what psychologist or medication she was taking. I realise that all mental health issues cannot be cured with a good diet and walk around the block. I do however agree with a balance of natural cure and medication. The medication while balancing the way the brain feels things also throws hormones into a crazy war causing weight gain and sometimes bad skin. I am no psychologist but I have my own anxieties and if taking medication caused weight gain and bad skin I would feel worse. 

As “Steptember” gets closer I am preparing with my walking to and from the train. Sometimes it’s the last thing I feel like doing. But it’s good for the future me!

I didn’t post on Friday so I’m noticing I am calling Friday back with my colour choices today. I have noticed in my wardrobe challenge that I have many similar repeats of dresses. Today’s dress is Hell Bunny, with my green Modcloth cardigan. My other dress with the denim jacket is a Modcloth dress and Sadie denim jacket. 

Here is hoping I feel like I do on a Friday at the end of today! 😃👍 



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