Maybe I’m not sweet enough

Having read a lot about my latest diagnosis I entered into reading about living a sugar free life. According to research we are killing ourselves with sweetness. Something I think a lot of these “experts” are forgetting is death is purely part of our cycle of life. We live, we die. Sure living a healthy lifestyle extends ones life but is giving sugar the kick entirely necessary. I have consciously been attempting to reduce it as anything that tastes sugary sweet can’t be an everyday treat, rather a weekly or an occasional treat. 

Hands up if you were taught what to eat by the healthy food pyramid? Yep I’m a 90’s child where I was also taught sex ed by a Gerald the giraffe. Maybe a giraffe sliding a condom onto a banana wasn’t the ideal way to learn about the birds and bees but the majority of us got it! Maybe dieting and healthy living needs to be a bit more simple. You eat, you move. You eat something that’s deep fried or sugar sweet and you probably need to move that little more. 

Have we forgot what our legs are for? Get those runners on and walk to the shops, catch the train or take the stairs. But seriously giving up sugar? I don’t know if I am that sweet to live without it. If monkeys can eat bananas all day and elephants can eat whole water melons and survive I think I will have that Apple in the afternoon without sugar guilt.

Heaven forbid if sugar knocks me off this life. At least I will die sweeter and happier to have lived free from the sugar prison people are making. If your really worried about your high levels of sugar consumption, take a leaf out of my book, cook it yourself. Learn a new recipe and that will be your tool of surviving a little more skilled and forfilled. 

Today I’m in an old Portmans dress with some Lovisa accessories and princess highway demin jacket. Who says denim can’t be worn to the office?  



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