Pushing out of the comfort zone

I have to say I am a major creature of habit when it comes to my weekly routine of an evening. Not sure what I think might happen if I don’t come home, cook dinner, exercise and then go to bed. For some reason my brain thinks “melt down”, “fatigue” and lord knows what. 

Last night I (with a little push from the hubby)went out with friends for some fun at a quiz night. While I woke a little later and didn’t pick up my morning routine as good as usual I feel better for it. A good laugh with friends is better then any herbal or medical way of making you feel happier, more alive and is a nice reminder that the routine I keep are the walls I’ve built myself. I admit that the walls are holding me back from laughs and exposure to new experiences. 

While I know a routine is important to keep a bit of organisation in ones life it shouldn’t be a barrier to good times with friends. 

Today my outfit is breaking my comfort zone as the dress is right and shows my curves. I think it’s important when wearing a fitted piece of clothing that if your not a huge fan of your own curves then having something that flows to accompany it. I also like to accessorise where I want eyes to look, hence the necklace. Hopefully people will see less of my flaws then I see when I look at myself in the mirror. 



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