Chose to improve

When you invest time in you, you are directly choosing to invest in your relationships. Whether it be the relationship with your partner or best friend. Choosing self improvement empowers you to be the best version of yourself. 

Quite often it’s too easy to play the blame game, but people do not magnet towards that behaviour. They see it as a whinge or complaint you won’t take control over. If a situation or relationship doesn’t work and you chose to walk away, join the rest of the Y generation who dispose of relationships like last seasons fashion.

Why don’t we chose to improve? Could it be due to social media? Is it too easy to flick on FB or Insta and see how “happy”people live. Are we ever likely to put a sad photo of our darkest days on social media? Highly unlikely. If your world is built on what people chose to share then your mistaken on what reality really is. Reality is hard work on you and most importantly relationships you hold in love. I chose to believe that love has many shades (and sometimes they aren’t rainbow colours or unicorns).

Today I am wearing an ASOS dress I usually wear casually but dressed it up for work. The lipstick is much like me, it changes on the way to work as it wasn’t bright enough this morning!  



3 thoughts on “Chose to improve

  1. I love that dress!
    Great post!
    Would you be able to check out my blog and share your thoughts? I am wanting some feedback so i can work on ways to improve my blog! It would be highly appreciated.!

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