Listen to the music

In being honest to myself and following two of my goals- to exercise a little more and to listen to music (loud and upbeat). I am on the train! I also can’t be coming home so wound up by the traffic, especially on a Friday. It’s the last day of the week, the slide is happening into the week end. I can almost feel the comfortable feeling of not having to really be anywhere unless I want to. In true Doctor Susse words ” those who mind, don’t matter and the ones that don’t mind really matter”. 

In my walk to the station I was thinking about love and how that be the only prison I would happily stay in. I love the comfort of the love I give and receive from my husband, my family and friends who I chose as family. The prison of love is you in your purest form. There should be no chains and no control, it should be your shelter, warmth and comfort. But if you don’t feed it, it won’t grow. Successful anything takes time, effort, attention, hard work and a bit of give and take. 

I had an interesting conversation with my Mum about my future children and how I want them to relate to my friends. To me my friends who walk with me now are the people I want my children to relate to as family. They aren’t around because they have to be, because blood and DNA does not always make for the strongest bonds. Friends are around because they chose to be. They are the village that will give my future children the values, beliefs and teach them lessons of how important it is to have a group of people who have your back. They will laugh and cry with us and be the ones who will cause the laugh lines and smile wrinkles on my face (when I get older than old). 

This outfit I have on I have been trying to track down (in my own wardrobe) for weeks. I thought it up one day in the shower and couldn’t find each piece. You can’t see it clearly but I have a chambourd shirt by ASOS and skirt (also ASOS) and princess highway jumper. And I can’t go anywhere without my elk beads. I have always had a thing for black beaded necklaces, I feel they are a staple. 

Happy Friday people- you made it through another week!  



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