Freedom is the goal

I read a quote that stopped me in my tracks today-

“Not only are we never separate from the dirt we grew from — that same dirt is what continues to grow us. ”

Truer words could not have striked a deeper cord. Of course we continue to grow from the roots that are deep within us. We don’t learn from being happy all the time, we learn from the dust of our journey. The dust being the times where all we feel surrounded by nothing but the dirt. They are our roots reminding us that we are grounded, we just need to find freedom within ourselves to be happy with our unique journey. No one has ever been you, you are the only one on your journey. You have the power of choosing to love not hate. To stay not walk away. And you have the power to feel or let go. 

And guess what if you want to do something and your not quite sure how to do it- get out the recipe book or manual and read, emerge yourself in learning. And you may step closer to that thing or skill you want so bad. Because if you can read, you can cook. And if you can cook you can grow in the dirt you live in. 

Today I am in a princess highway dress and blazer, the bargains of yesterday. Boy did I have fun buying these clothes. I know over the years I have invested way too much money into my wardrobe. I am slowing down, even grinding to a halt. But in this learning and growing I am discovering I have a new “casual” week end look coming on. I am more comfortable in my skin and my clothes are resembling comfort. Because I am content, I am where I am supposed to be. 



2 thoughts on “Freedom is the goal

  1. Rosie you look beautiful,the colours are lovely on the hair colour too Love mumxxx

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