Do it for you

So today I have been thinking about why we do what we do and how important it is to be doing things for you. Now I’m talking about in relationships- both with the male type and the friend type. Everyone is so wound up in their own personal journeys they barely notice you shedding those kilos for that holiday or for that event. People really only notice big changes and sometimes they could be blind to your changes if they are caught up in something else.

So yesterday I told my husband that I am number one on my list of who I need to look after. Shocked he stood in silence and questioned if it were something he did. I said no I decided if I don’t look after me and do things to keep me healthy, wealthy and wise well then I was no good to him or anyone else. 

Now I believe every dog has its day. But in my travels I have come across some dogs on their worst day. I remember going to Darwin cup many years ago with my friends. I was the only girl in a relationship so I wide eyed seen some sights that changed my perception of men. There were fathers, boys and men all on their worst behaviours there. All there for a good time despite who at home they may have been silently distroying by their fun times. Now these men were probably very well respected men in their communities but boy did I see a different sight. Unfortunately their wives are the ones at the gym pushing for the hottest bodies or skinniest frame to “impress” their husbands who were looking sideways. 

I guess in my own journey of deciding what kind of wife I would be I considered toning it down and being who I thought I should be. But seriously if I play someone I am not then if the show is ever over I will be left a silly fool who played the joker. So I move forward more me then I have ever been, looking out for number one. Because if me as number one fails or falls I have no fingers to point. My opinion will change when I have my own children but until then it’s me- number one.

Today I am all in old Modcloth clothes. This is my professional spin on vintage. I care what you think but will not be blown down with judgements. Xxx 



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