One of those times

Its been one of those moments where maybe it’s the winter, work or my personal life getting the better of me or maybe I’m just all out of steam. I tend to have periods of time where all of my energy checks out for a holiday and leaves me to carry on as normal (minus energy to do so). So last week I took a couple of days to hibernate and recharge. 

I would love to say I’m bounding with energy but I had a night of great thoughts at silly times. Which in turn has me dragging my feet and I am struggling to focus on any conversation that is longer than 3-5 sentences. So trying to be nicer to myself I am relaxing.

After cooking; another place where I get my creative fix I am rigging up and relaxing. I am very good at Milkinh every minute of my week end. In my time off I spend all my time buzzing around to see people, walk, talk and socialise. Socialising is great for wellbeing but for me it can drain my batteries a tiny bit, so any spare time is taken with two hands! 

I believe people do one of two things when they have a lot on their minds or have decisions to make (that they maybe are trying to avoid) will go public and talk, talk talk and be absolutely busy every waking hour. Or the other person will withdraw, avoid socialising and hide away. Both ways are useful for different personality types. I sit on the fence with how I deal with things. Much like my ideas about fashion and the dos and donts.

Today I am swaying with a bit of an in trend ASOS dress, I say in trend lightly as its only in trend in print. I have noticed the 70’s patterns and shapes are coming back. Paisley is a good pattern for me. I teamed it up with an old leather jacket from who knows where, and a Katies necklace.  



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