This moment is my moment

I hear so many of my friends talk about when it’s their “turn” or that their “moment” will come. Why do we have to wait for a moment? Isn’t every moment we are alive and well our moments individually? Our lives and events aren’t like passing buses, scheduled to happen at a single starting time. I don’t understand these dreamy people and I may even get a bit “blunt” as I have been described  today. I frankly do not believe in finding the right moment, maybe I believe in having the right tools and skills in my kit to make a moment count.

In life I feel like I have been waiting for the fairy tale bus of successful career, perfect relationship, perfect weight or even perfect amount in the bank and I have missed many moments. It’s so easy to want more or hope for more but while day dreaming about those things you almost put a block on enjoying what is right in front of you. 

Today I dare you to live in this moment. Make this moment yours. If you sit waiting for the bus for the right moment to come the bus may be delayed (causing anxiety) or it may just never turn up (causing frustration). 

Today I have an old favourite princess highway dress on and a target fur vest. My necklace is a bit special as me and my very good friend bought it on one of our all Aussie adventures!  



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