Not as amazing as you think

Ever had food envy? Wished you had even a bite size portion of something someone else had? Every tempted to taste it, just to realise it really wasn’t worth it or over rated. 

Like most people out there I often smile through the hard times and shine through the harder times. From the outside looking in I may have the cake or thing you want the most but often I wish I had sometimes simpler and maybe a piece of what you have. 

Unlike some people I keep my actual real struggles close to my chest until I think someone is worth trusting. Now trusting to me doesn’t come easy. I have been bitten by the hand that feeds me enough.

Being green with envy is a wasted emotion, it’s child like and it actually makes you look really silly. I am taking the road of just being. I don’t want any more or less of what I am getting right now and I am at ease with it.

I also think you can say you want something but it’s not until you start taking the steps towards it, you will truly never appreciate it. Nothing in this life is given without a second thought. People store memories in boxes and are bloody good actors at “pretending”.

Anyway the grass is never greener, enjoy the patch your in. Stop looking at the other patch as you never know how hard that someone else has worked to get there. Be happy with the meal (or cake) in front of you, taste it and enjoy every texture of it. You may miss too much of your own lives path looking at your friend or partners plate. There is no harm in just being and enjoying it.

Today I am in a retrolicious dress, Sportsgirl blazer, Katie’s necklace and princess highway scarf. All treasures of my greatest investment- my wardrobe! 



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