No respect- sticks and stones 

Well I seen it all this past Saturday night. I experienced first hand, with only slight rose coloured glasses the attitudes of the next generation. I was rightly disgusted and hope that I can move past it.

Are the youth coming into adulthood the most self righteous, selfish and rudest generation to be? Who ever gave one the right to not only judge with their eyes? because women apparently only go out to be glared at and to impress a man! But then for those men to yell out their thoughts. Have they not been educated about keeping their months closed unless they have something useful to yell at another human being? I was floored. I am lucky to have a bit of confidence and know my worth in this world so I won’t put up with it. But not everyone has a thick skin, no wonder people with no self worth refuse to go out and get amongst it.

Being told that I’m too old to go out, clearly the youth have not read the anti discrimination act (neither have I from cover to cover) but we are in a country that safe guard us against stopping people judge or discriminate against age, gender, cultural, religious or appearance yet we can’t get the youth to have one basic thing- respect. 

I feel that they may be the generation who think things like sex and money are a given, not something you have to earn or ask for. I just don’t understand! I was once the new kid too I remember the excitement and energy that comes with being that young, but I always respected people who were older. I still to this day will look at the oldest person in a club or pub and think good on them, how great it must be to be able to have that much fun.

I can tell you one thing. When I was that young I never used my brain so much at work, I never travelled so far for work, had so many sleepless nights or the worry of the world. I wished when I was younger with a disposal wage and energy to burn that I had bought a drink for the 30 something who looked stretched and uncomfortable in that club. Who knows the journey that got them there.

Maybe the older people in clubs didn’t picture themselves still turning up to have a good night (or meet a partner). Maybe they also planned to be settled or maybe they have a night off from a life they didn’t chose. 

Who gave the youth the right to expect and demand. Or jump lines? That kind of respect is not a given. Get to the back of the line and work hard.

I make sure in every ounce of my day and life I work on making people respect me. Not just by the things I say but the ethical way I deal with my professional and personal self. I speak when spoken to and am not afraid to stand up for what I believe. If you don’t like me, fine. I just don’t need it broadcast across a dance floor on a Saturday night! 

       Today I wore my favourite black dress. I love it as it’s easy to wear, stretchy and the perfect dress to make professional, fun and casual. It was also no more than $50 on ASOS. I have teamed it with an old Target cardigan, and elk necklace. 


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