The world of triple meaning 

Has living in a technologically driven world made us experts in interpretations? I feel that the way I read an email, article, blog or new report I may have a totally different idea in my head? When did we lose the ability of calling or talking face to face? I am not worried about the arguments that would happen person to person then the way or tone you may or may not give my email (blog, post…blah) 

Have I missed the party where it’s ok to give a negative tone to a realitively mutual or neutral situation. How do policy and guideline writers get their real point of view across when we are constantly bending words for a different meaning to benefit us? 

I think everything has so many options and hidden meanings these days. It’s a bit like a chose your adventure book, which I used to love. However we always will pick the adventure to favour our belief system. 

Just as I watched the gym instructor last night only awknowledge and speak to people who fit his description of fit. He paid no attention to anyone who’s profile physically fit what he considered worth his instruction. Maybe he is met with attitude from the gal with the curves or maybe he thinks curves mean too much hard work. Perception and belief systems run wild in gyms I must say. I am not innocent here as the only reason I go to the gym is to make up stories of the people there, and th n an hour later I’m a bit fitted and have a spike in the good time feelings. Everyone is happy in my corner of the world.

Today I’m in a stretchy dress to help me later when I tuck into a Lebanese banquet. I do have a new Elk necklace sourced at their warehouse sale. I love a bargain and am always on the hunt to get something for close to nothing! The dress is ASOS and is older than I can bare to remember! 



4 thoughts on “The world of triple meaning 

  1. Your outfit looks good Rosie. Its true what you say about people fitting into boxes. The world is become self-centred and a very negative All for self and no one else. I think everyone needs to step back and have a long hard look at life and how they can improve themselves by living from heart, not from looks and who is who in the zoo.

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