The path is rarely straight sailing





 One thing I am not afraid of is change, well maybe a little if it is not handled. Life likes to challenge us when we get a little bit comfortable in s situation. I call this the calm before the storm- a little negative but a storm is good at washing away things that no longer are alive or no longer serving its purpose. A storm usually brings winds of tomorrow and blow us in a direction we may never have dreamed up yet.

For me work is changing and something I used as my blanket of trust while I was planning my wedding, buying my house and turning 30. The storm is brewing, but rather than standing drenched from the down pour I used today to think and plan for the next chapter. I’d like to say I got some roads in but I barely scratched the surface. I believe I have at least 6-12 months before I need to jump ship but watching the year whirl past I have to get a wiggle on. 

Unlike pre-married life where I would have chopped and changed jobs every 1-2 years I have responsibilities beyond investing in my wardrobe. I may need to get some of this wardrobe sold on ebay and working for me. If I was a hoarder it would be clothes i would collect. Throwing out clothes is hard as I dont have tones of money to constantly add and that makes me nervous.

Can anyone feel the week end breeze approaching? Oh gosh I can feel the Saturday sleep in already!

My outfit is my go at work casual. It is all Princess Highway except the shoes, they are Sportsgirl.


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