A sweet dot

Looks like I am feeling spotty this week. Might go with a bit of a theme. My mood has been spots of good, bad and in between. 

The root of any good team, both working and in friendships in a sense is having a strong leader. Someone who will guide with good advise, leadership and enough courage to stand by and point out what they believe in or don’t. Also someone who stands up for their friend or team because they know without someone who believes in them then they too can’t get the best out of anyone. When doubt is in a group then people splinter off in a direction they feel safe. 

My work has lost a bit of direction so I feel myself standing at a cross road. I can see a bit of a chose your own adventure happening. But I need to play my cards when the time is right and when my confidence is a bit higher than, grumpy. 

My moto is to get dressed and show up this week. When you push yourself through a bad or grumpy mood you may surprise yourself with the reward of knowing you never gave up!

Today my spotty dress is princess highway, as is the scarf. My blazer is new look. I am loving this ASOS Vogue lipstick. I feel burgundy is the perfect winter colour. 



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