Not the writer I want to be

Gosh I am zapped! I spent the day doing a workshop on writing professionally for work- wow I have lost all the knowledge I had in high school. I was getting my verbs, nouns and abstract nouns all wrong! Clearly my writing is not one of great briefings or thesis’ but it’s mine and it’s my creative mind on a plate.

I guess like any great crafts and arts sometimes your good at one thing and not so good at another. I am fine with that, in fact I strive to imperfect as perfection is far more pressure then I need or want in my life.

Now I love to cook and create in the kitchen. I am happy when my little table is full of laughter, food and people I love. Last night and tonight’s was one of those nights. It is my hubby’s birthday and I even tried to bake, a skill I am yet to perfect or even finely tune. But stick a heap of ice cream and you can cover up the burn muffin cake! It’s all about dressing up a bad situation.

My dress today and blazer were both from a shop that no longer exists- Barkins. One could call them ancient, antique but I will call the dress a little short and the blazer my favourite winter shade.  



3 thoughts on “Not the writer I want to be

  1. I’m not the writer I want to be either. When I was in high school & first read Hemingway, I wanted to write like him. I don’t even come close. I don’t even write like Faulkner or Fitzgerald (F. Scott or his wife Zelda) but I’m still writing (short stories, blog posts, comments on other people’s posts) because I HAVE TO write something, or else some part of me will shrivel up and die. So I’m not the writer I wanted to be, not the writer I want to be (FUCK, I’m not even a published, PAID writer) but in my mind and my soul (which is where it REALLY matters) I’m a writer.

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