Could we be a little stuck? 

Gosh my brain is not Mish- it surprising (to myself) still has the abilities to learn and grow new information! Today I did a workshop on multiculturalism and working with CALD communities. I think the flame in my heart reunified and has set me on my next career path. I felt that passion I once had in my sector say “yes this is where you will go next”. I love to help people embark on their happy ever after and working with refugees and asylum seekers would really help me see good outcomes and feel warm and fuzzy! I have felt stuck for some time and needed a new direction.

I thought my new direction was “styling” and being a stylist as I love fashion. But I would much prefer to style people or take them from drab to fab for free. I love doing that as it’s something that comes naturally. It’s not a service I wish to sell. It’s my community service to whoever wants some free advise or guidance. I like to play with fashion, accessories and looks and will always have that as my free side passion. Through my latest struggles I have realised that material doesn’t matter if you don’t have love, honesty and hope in your life.

As I browsed the shops I found myself looking around at people, I love in my spare time nothing more then people watching. I do get ideas in my head about how I would dress differently if I were that other person. I do notice that shopping centres attract people who just don’t know how to present to the world. Lots of ladies with curves either in their trackies or daggy clothes trying to hide it all or girls with fab physics flaunting it. Shopping centres, don’t get me wrong have a mixed bag of customers. It gets me thinking are we stuck in our own worlds, cultures and upbringings that unless we take a big plunge away from expectations that we are just puppets stuck on the other world stage. Doing not what we want to do but what someone else wants us to do? 

It brings me to my upbringing and the beautiful parents I have. They always supported whatever decisions I have made as an adult. They raised me and my sister and have let us form who we are as adults through trail and error. Without this we could be stuck in dead end jobs and married local farmers. But me and my sister have bigger dreams and wonderful opportunities. We know our parents have blessed the paths we chose. And that to me is parents who have been successful as parents. 

Today I wore my Friday casual look. This Modcloth dress is by Closet and my staple dark denim jacket is dressy enough to be smart for work. I look forward to a wine and some yummy Indian food, as I am husband free for the evening- one pleasure I will never take for granted is time to myself!  



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