The convienance country

Today I have been giving some thought to the French and European life style and how they do things better than us Australians and Americans. We have let luxuries such as cars have us lose all that incidental exercise of commuting to work. There are a small portion of the community who ride, walk or train and walk to work. But most of us drive to work to then sit on our backsides for long hours. We have started tracking “walking” a basic skill as a form of exercise when it should be just what we do from day to day. 

We have also made foods bad or good. Full of fat or diet right. We haven’t really mastered portion control or listening to when enough is enough. Which makes us gorge on products in secret or in large quantities that it leaves us feeling guilt.

We would rather master ways to cover what God gave us then display a very unique physic. 

I feel the Europeans have it right. They eat, drink and move more. They celebrate what God gave them. They get out more as they are happy in their skin and don’t have “bad” food groups. They eat from the food pyramid and mostly live healthier lives. They also know that raising a child is not one or 2 parents roles but take a whole village or family approach.

Sure some European culture groups come to Australia for a different or “better” life. But is it better? Instead of going out in the sun we take vitamin pills, we sit in offices then enjoying the simple pleasure of a stroll home to enjoy time away from work. We eat low fat, no fat and feel guilty for too much wine and cheese.

Somewhere in evolution I would have thought through the many cultures Australia has knitted in its fabric we could have mastered good habits both eating and physically. Clearly we need to do more investigations, but no we medicate and label- low fat, “bad and good”. We walk for exercise and watch movies to sit a bit more in past times. We also believe if you don’t have an hour glass size 8 figure your the issue. Let’s eat until we are full and move to feel better about whatever figure you have?

Today I am sporting a new ASOS skirt, Sportsgirl leopard print shoes and a bit of chambourd denim. This outfit was inspired from a Pinterest page. The best source of fashion and style advise is Pinterest, it’s so good for inspiration. 



One thought on “The convienance country

  1. Ooooooooh America is the country of convenience. I went today to a city agency to apply to take a test for a city job…the application & testing office was closed because of “air conditioning issues”.

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