Reflection on New Years

I have been doing some serious wondering in regards to New Year’s Eve (I realise it was 7 months ago). But I think of the hype of excitement and plans that are usually months in the making. I like to plan like its the year 2000 in regards to what I will wear, who will I be standing next to etc. Over the war 5 years I make sure I’m right next to my man. 

Looking back at photos (as I love a NYE photo). It’s of late been an interesting thing for me to reflect on who I was with, the journey we had in the year it was taken. Two years ago I had a photo sitting around a table with people I considered my closest friends, apart from 2 people on that table I feel they are nothing but strangers. Our paths changed and while I used to rely on them I would no longer even call them. For me that photo was taken as a snap shot in a time when we were all less tied up, more fancy free and maybe a bit lost. 

Then I look at this years photo with my Mum, Nan and husband. Who I know are important players in my world, but have been the strongest supports throughout this year of not so easy sailing. Our friends were no where to be seen which in a sense (apart from a select few) has been how I would describe my year. Friends who even though I realise have their own journey were around for the good times but at a distance in the not so good times. I hope that my year continues to be strong with my Mum and Nan in my corner. The friends may come back as next year is sure to be an adventure waiting to happen. 

If I think really hard my picture with my family has rang true as I am surrounded by my friends whom have their own families. Maybe my photo of New Years was to tell me to be around my family and other peoples family as that’s been the biggest source of support and good times this year.

What is in your New Years snap shot? Is it a reflection of where your at this year?

Today I’m in my animal print dress. I figure now I’m not a party girl I can tone down a going out dress for a day dress. I bought this dress cheap from Glassons years ago and have worn it once in the last few years. I teamed it with Miss Shop jacket and week end style beads. Casual chic I could be described as.  



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