The lucky ones

Spending time with good honest friends and family really does make me truly believe I was born into a lucky life. Sure the road isn’t smooth sailing each day but we have it all. We have a house, enough money to get us by, a good careers, more then enough friends, family and delicious food on the table! 

Apart from my creative mind in the hand of writing I love cooking. I used to love drawing too, something I’m sure will come back in good time. I feel happy and very proud when I make food that puts a smile on my husband or my Mum’s face. Mum, my husband and my sister are my whole world. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do for them because individually they make me feel like the luckiest girl on earth!

Sometimes as I have mentioned in the past you look so hard at the happiness list in your head that you let the simple life (a good and comfortable life) pass you by. I’m lucky to laugh out loud on a daily basis, sometimes I yell, scream and even cry but that makes the laughter feel all that much better.

I feel lighter since throwing away other people’s expectations of who I should be and just continue being me. Why change who I am? I like the people I attract to my table, if I pretend then I run the risk of sitting at a table of fake smiles and fake conversations.  

I also got some great advise off a friends husband. I’m not too old to start again, it’s never too late to pick up the pieces and build that emporia you dreamed. Brick by brick Rome was built so why not just take that small step towards greater things, just don’t forget to enjoy the journey there. 

He also said you have to have goals, big big ones and small ones. I am going to use some down time to get my planning cap on turning goals into reality. Without a plan a dream is just that- a dream. 

Today I was a little cold in my get up but floral and colourful for my Mondayitis. I had a Modcloth dress and princess highway rocking my Monday along. Now I have the theme song from Full House in my head… Step by step, day by day…and so on! Enjoy the day and presents it brings. 



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